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Post-Interview Thank You Letters

A job interview might be the most significant meeting of your career. After a job interview, follow-up is essential. A thank you letter is an important success element, and a way to stand out from other candidates. It is also a way to maintain interaction with the interviewer(s), it demonstrates your professional attitude, and most of all, it is an expression of gratitude. And let's face it, everyone likes to feel appreciated.

Since less than 10% of interviewees' follow-up with a thank you letter, a well-written letter can actually act as a deciding factor when more than one candidate is at the same qualification level required for the job. You should ensure that the thank you letter reaches the key people that you met with during the course of the interview within a minimum of twenty-four hours and a maximum of forty-eight hours after the interview. Take a pad and pen along with you to the interview to jot down information, and ask for business cards from everyone that you spend time with during your visit.

Your follow-up letter should be brief (never more than a single page), enthusiastic, sincere and personalized, so if you interviewed with multiple individuals, make sure each letter is unique. Some shared language is acceptable, but do not simply change the name at the top of the letter.

Your letter should thank them for the interview, restate your interest in the position and the organization, and should mention something the interviewer told you was important for the role so that you can reiterate your credentials and restate your suitability for the position. Also, include any information the employer might have asked you to provide after the interview. Close the letter by thanking the interviewer again and positively stating how you look forward to hearing from them.

A thank-you letter is a very small investment that can pay off in a big way. Take the extra time to make this final impression a positive one.

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