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KSA is short for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. Unlike a résumé, they are first-person narrative essays that are frequently required along with a federal résumé when applying for government jobs.

KSA statements use concrete examples to describe your experience in support of specific job-related questions. The CCAR format, Context, Challenge, Action, Result, is the recommended approach. Your answers are designed to help federal hiring agencies select the best-qualified candidates for interviews. The KSA is usually ranked on a 100-point scale. Your goal, therefore, is to maximize your point potential.

KSAs are structured using characteristics, formatting and language familiar to the reviewer. Keywords and phrases must support your application and background. A poorly written KSA can undermine even a great résumé, so you must present a highly polished piece. Remember, the main purpose of the KSA is to identify the personal and professional qualities you possess that will set you apart from other candidates.

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