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Persuasive Résumés get Results!

There is no doubt about it, a professionally written resume gets you noticed!

We write keyword optimized resumes that will get you past all the filters.

Did you know that the average hiring manager spends about 10 seconds looking at your resume before deciding if you’re the right fit? A Persuasive Résumé makes those 10 seconds count.

Whether you are looking for new work or considering a career change, a great resume makes you stand out from the crowd.

Persuasive Résumés highlight accomplishments and get results!

A Persuasive Résumé Sells Results, Not Just Skills

A high-impact Persuasive Résumé details measurable achievements in each role, as opposed to a play-by-play account of your daily responsibilities. It features Problem / Solution and Action / Result statements to convey your ability to help the company increase revenue, reduce costs, or become more efficient.

Persuasive Résumés are accomplishment-focused, tailored to the individual, and targeted to the desired profession or industry. They are not "cookie cutter" or generalized, and they are never created from a template.

A Persuasive Résumé provides clear and quantitative examples of your past actions and the result of those actions. Here are a few examples of power statements written to convey our clients' achievements.

  • Saved hospital $1.5M by negotiating four bargaining units from defined benefit pension plan to defined contribution plan.
  • Led senior staff in global restructuring through strategic organizational design and process mapping, resulting in 25% headcount reduction.
  • Designed universal stacker, saving $1.3K per machine and reducing new kit development time by 16 hours.
  • Handled migration of health and welfare benefits broker provider, saving company in excess of $1.1M annually.
  • Developed and implemented third party logistics program that resulted in year-to-year annualized savings of $500K.

An achievement-oriented, results-focused résumé from Persuasive Résumés will set you apart from other applicants and have the hiring manager envisioning you as the superior candidate for the position.

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WOW indeed! Judy, I don't know what to say. I'm positively blown away! You are extraordinarily talented. What an incredible transformation and improvement in such a short period of time. Thanks again for taking on the challenge of helping me position myself for the next chapter of my life journey. RM

Hey Judith, Just wanted to let you know that your resume got me an interview at every job that I applied to. I am accepting a job offer from one of the places that I interviewed at. The best part about it was it was a job I didn't apply for. My resume
was forwarded to him because they were so impressed by the way it looked. Thank you again Judith.

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