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The Executive Bio is another in your cache of career marketing tools. Executive biographies are composed in the third-person with tightly-written, complete sentences. They usually consist of a single page highlighting relevant background, experience, education, awards and achievements. In essence, they tell your story, and as such, are terrific promotional pitch-pieces.

The purpose of the executive biography is to convince the prospective employer that you are the best possible fit for their needs, and is an excellent way to introduce yourself. You might think of it in terms of an advertisement or press release, compelling, yet short and to-the-point. A well-crafted biography can vastly improve your marketability.

The executive bio does not look like a résumé and does not use italics, bold text, bulleted text or underlining. It should be used in conjunction with your résumé when offered to a recruiter / headhunter or while networking to maximize the information presented and demonstrate professionalism and credibility. It also can help consultants by providing a summary of their credentials when attempting to win new accounts or supply background about an executive for a press release, a corporate brochure or website, or for a speaking engagement.

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